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Jim Shuttleworth

Nephew of Jim Shuttleworth, killed at Arnhem


Update 2016

Due to the exhaustive investigations by local historian, Giel Heinzbergen, we were informed about documents kept in the official archives of Arnhem City Council.


On 16th June 1942, My Father, Reginald Shuttleworth, wrote to the Burgermeester, at Arnhem, to ask about his brother, James Shuttleworth, who had been shot down in April 1940, from the prisoner-of-war camp in which he was incarcerated. This prompted some internal correspondence, which led to a reply from the Burgermeester.


In April 2016, Chrissy and I visited the Arnhem City Council offices and met with Geert Maassen, who kindly showed us the documents, that can be found below, and allowed us to handle them and to take photographs. The documents remain in the Archive.


Incidentally. This correspondence led to the Senior German Officer for the Area, berating the local cemetery for neglecting the grave and instructing that the graves of servicemen, killed in action, should be afforded every respect and kept accordingly.


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